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The Company was founded by Andrew Tan and incorporated under Philippine law on August 24, 1989 to engage in the development, leasing and marketing of real estate. The Company initially established a reputation for building high-end residential condominiums and commercial properties located in convenient urban locations with easy access to offices as well as leisure and entertainment amenities in Metro Manila. Beginning in 1996, in response to demand for the lifestyle convenience of having quality residences in close proximity to office and leisure facilities, the Company began to focus on the development of mixed-use communities, primarily for the middle-income market, by commencing the development of its Eastwood City community township. In addition, the Company engages in other property related activities such as project design, construction oversight and property management. In 1999, Eastwood City Cyberpark became the first IT park in the Philippines to be designated a PEZA special economic zone.

To Our Stockholders

Megaworld pledges to live up to your trust and expectations through a consistently outstanding performance geared to deliver earnings and growth.

To Our Customers

Megaworld aims to ensure your utmost satisfaction through high quality products conceived in the spirit of innovation and born out of continuous research and development.

To Our Employees

Megaworld endeavors to be a Company where you can build a long-term fulfilling career. It will shape a corporate culture that values fairness, promotes teamwork and productivity.

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1. January 15 - 2018 - PR Southwoods Office Towers get PEZA accreditation
15. April10-2013 meg dollar notes
14. April10-2013 exercised MEGW1 and MEGW2
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MEG17A Ended December 31, 2015
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