Management Team and Executive Officers

Dr. Andrew L. Tan
Lourdes T. Gutierrez-Alfonso
Kevin Andrew L. Tan
Executive Vice President
Chief Strategy Officer
Francisco C. Canuto
Senior Vice President
Chief Finance Officer
Chief Audit Executive
Compliance Officer and Corporate Information Officer
Giovanni C. Ng
Senior Vice President
Finance Director
Jennifer L. Romualdez
Head of Operations Division
Maria Victoria M. Acosta
Executive Vice President for International Marketing
Noli D. Hernandez
Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing
Maria Carla T. Uykim
Head of Corporate Advisory and Compliance Division
Rafael Antonio S. Perez
Head of Human Resources and Corporate Administration Division
Graham M. Coates
Head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls
Kimberly Hazel A. Sta. Maria
Head of Corporate Communications and Advertising
Anna Michelle T. Llovido
Corporate Secretary
Nelileen S. Baxa
Assistant Corporate Secretary
Ma. Melody Ibañez-Garcia
Chief Risk Officer
Lino P. Victorioso, Jr.
Data Protection Officer