Paragua Coastown

San Vicente, Palawan

In the laidback, charming beach town of San Vicente, Palawan will soon rise the 462-hectare Paragua Coastown, an 'eco-tourism community' where sustainable tourism and green living co-exist harmoniously.

Paragua Coastown will be highlighted not only by some of the island's most beautiful natural spots—including the famous Port Barton and the country's longest coastline that is also Southeast Asia's second-longest—but also by facilities that encourage a holistic lifestyle, including health and wellness sanctuaries, a cultural center, and even a mangrove reserve park, just to name a few.

Strategically located just a few minutes from the airport, Paragua Coastown is poised to become a true haven for families, couples, and individuals seeking a more mindful and eco-friendly way of life.


'Eco-tourism' community
462 hectares
Turnover Year
• Residential developments
• Hotels and resorts
• Cultural center
• Educational facilities
• Boutique hotel district
• Shophouse district
• Facilities and amenities for holistic wellness
• Mangrove reserve park
• Other eco-tourism facilities


Paragua Coastown, San Vicente, Palawan